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'Female hand squeezing pink douche syringe'

How Often Should You Douche?

About 30 percent of American adolescent females douche at least once a week. What is douching and is it necessary at all?

Otolaryngology 'Female patient otolaryngology visit'

How to Tackle Pesky Dry Mouth

Fed up with a desert-like mouth? Dive into our quirky guide and discover the secrets to banishing oral dryness for good. Ahem. Ready to explore?

Pulmonology 'Lady sick with flu'

Effective Flu Remedies

A flu vaccine can prevent or lessen effects this season. Here are helpful suggestions if you find yourself with debilitating symptoms.

Woman 'Female with underarm hair'

Why Women Shave Underarms

The armpit is an area to embrace individuality. Understand best practices for underarm grooming and safe shaving approaches.

Woman 'Pink hairy panty'

Body Hair Diversity and Grooming

Delve into the fascinating world of body hair, from unexpected color combinations to the intricate relationship between grooming and self-expression.


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Woman 'Eyebrow treatment'

Thinning Eyebrow Phenomenon

Discover factors contributing to thinning eyebrows in middle-aged women who crave perfect arches.

Podiatry 'Toenail Fungus Onychomycosis'

Prevent Hideous Aging Toenails

Kissable infant toes can become unsightly appendages as they age, with thicker, more brittle, and less elastic toenails. Learn how to maintain appearance.

Dentistry 'Caucasian family brushing teeth'

Importance of Dental Visits

Do you need to visit the dentist if you brush and floss regularly? Read about the importance of dental visits.

Pulmonology 'Female brushing teeth'

Hospital-Acquired Pneumonia Solution

Hospital-acquired pneumonia is killing patients. Yet there is a simple way to stop it.

Fitness 'Strong male swimmer in pool'

No-Sweat Swimming Benefits

The water may not be entirely fine, but come on in and make a splash to enjoy the many benefits of swimming in large pools.

Dermatology 'Woman washing face'

Good Body Hygiene

This article briefly discusses problem areas with suggestions for maintaining good hygiene in each of them.

Otolaryngology 'Smelly nose'

Putrid Nasal Polyps

Someone or something smells whenever you enter the room. Before you begin pointing fingers, consider this.


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