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10 articles tagged Death
'Life is a Train Ride'

A Life of Death

To some people, contemplation of our life journey is viewed as an existential crisis. To others, it allows for the application of practical wisdom.

Prescriptions 'How Drugs Effect Body Weight'

Common Drugs Effect Body Weight

A consequence of smoking or drug abuse is drama­tically altered diet, which can lead to irregular eating with poor nutrition.

Emotions 'Planning Burial At Sea'

Planning Burial At Sea

There are several ways to handle cremated remains. A mortuary may dispose of them, ashes can be kept within an urn at a home, a crypt, or scattered at sea.

Oncology 'How to Know When a Loved One is Dying'

Signs a Loved One is Dying

How do professional caregivers know when a patient is transitioning to death? Pre-active and active phases of death become apparent prior to the inevitable.

Neurology 'Don’t Forget Alzheimer’s Patients'

Don’t Forget Alzheimer’s Patients

If doctors could predict Alzheimer’s Disease years before onset with better than 90 percent accuracy, would you want to know if you have markers? How would this change your life?


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Gerontology 'Could You Be a Good Caregiver?'

Could You Be a Good Caregiver?

Patients can become demanding with little motiva­tion for self-sufficiency. Read how a pro­spec­tive caregiver under­estimates the task.

Neurology 'Floating woman having out-of-body experience'

What is an Out-of-Body Experience?

Some people boast about out-of-body experiences while others fear them. Just what are they and why do some people strive to induce them? Are they an indication of health issues?

Internist 'Patients Expect Just One Thing From Doctors'

Patients Expect Just One Thing From Doctors

While many patient expecta­­tions can be unreason­­able, others are practical. This hyper­bolic, insight­ful and sobering patient-perspective was published on KevinMD website.

Mental health 'Estranged Family'

Anatomy of an Estranged Family

Fresh explanation of Dead Mother Complex reveals why displaying affection may be more complex than you think. This might be the root of familial dysfunc­tion. Use discretion on emotional content.

Emotions 'Corpse in morgue'

Recalling Past Conversations With Dead Persons

Triggered by seemingly insignifi­cant events, memories of friends and relatives no longer with us enter my mind. Are such sympathe­tic reactions to death excised from physi­cians during med school?


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