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'Pregnant belly profile'

Finally Pregnant, Now What?

Whether by surprise or careful planning, there’s a bun in the oven. How will your diet, wardrobe, and healthcare change over the next several months?

Cosmetology 'Styles For Little-To-No Hair'

Styles For Little-To-No Hair

You can’t turn back time to when hair dangled past your shoulders. But you can turn envious heads when entering a room with a shaved head or short haircut.

Humor 'Woman Grocery Shopping'

Pandemic Levity – Shopping

Reader discretion: This is an obtuse call to take corona­virus precau­tions seriously. Some facts may be exag­gerated for the sake of amusement.

Individual 'Fashionable Personal Protective Equipment'

Stylish Virus Protection

Protecting yourself from viruses does not mean you need to look like a CDC inspector.

Internist 'No Free Pass For Masks'

No Free Pass For Masks

Experts say there are very few medical reasons that prevent people from wearing masks.


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Internist 'Anti-Maskers vs. Mask Fatigue'

Anti-Maskers vs Mask Fatigue

We must expand thinking beyond personal preference. What happens when some­one exempt from wearing a mask enters a public place that requires such?

Pulmonology 'PPE face mask'

Behind The Mask

Which masks are best for virus protection? While supplies last, ClinicalPosters is selling PPE for use outside of the medical profession.


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