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'Female sleeping'
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Kaleidoscopic Camilla E2

With visual distortion, Camilla suspects that she has been abducted, with an inability to prove who did it or where she is.

Finale 'Female punching'

Photogenic Bleakness E3

Brave female captives weigh the disadvantages of trying to escape versus waiting indefinitely for help in this thrilling miniseries conclusion.

Thriller 'Scarface female portrait'

Photogenic Bleakness E2

In survival mode, a group of female victims do whatever is necessary to survive captivity.

Drama 'Female visible bosom'

Serendipitous Deception E5

Austin becomes embroiled in circumstances that have the potential to irrevocably alter his marriage and future plans.

Finale 'Female exiting limo backseat'

Luma Nery Star E2

Luna immerses herself in a new lifestyle that potentially wrecks ultimate career choices.


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'Female bedtime phone call'

Luma Nery Star

Sequel: Because of mistrust, a wannabe starlet goes down a licentious path that she must find a way to rectify.

Thriller 'Couple laying down'

Emotional Contrasts E2

After an evening of contrasting emotions, Renae needs to discern whether any of it was real.

'Woman peering through doorway'

Emotional Contrasts

Premiere: An attractive young lady moves within a conurbation and decides to learn more about her neighbors. That’s her first mistake in this psycho­logical thriller.

Finale 'Man peeking through blinds'

Opposites Attract E9

The lives of two unlikely individuals reach a confronta­tional impasse, breeding fear and mistrust in this intense miniseries finale.

Romance 'Female with shocked expression'

Opposites Attract E8

Alyssa’s mother details everything the young adult, determined to pursue an unwise course, needs to know.

Romance 'Woman crying on bed'

Opposites Attract E7

A mother shares the truth about her child’s father and the life leading up to her mysterious birth.

Romance 'Blonde female zipping lips'

Opposites Attract E6

Tensions run high, as two people who should not be together seek approval from unlikely sponsors.


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