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7 episodes tagged Gerontology
'Transporter stars'

Rebirth Portal E3

Most of the time the portal is a tourist attrac­tion since reach­ing age 100 is rare. Follow the lives of two who qualify to use its features.

Scifi 'Elderly man viewing building plans'

Rebirth Portal E2

A pioneer of scientific rebirth convenes with an influen­tial rebirther for a meet­ing of the minds to develop methods to cele­brate reset­ting life.

Scifi 'Mature woman transporter'

Rebirth Portal

Premiere: Scientists discover a method for getting a second life. But most who qualify cannot surmount two important requirements, until the ingenious discovery in this sci-fi miniseries.

Finale 'DNA female face'

Mae December Chemistry E4

Time catches up with mature members of the new corporation as others assume key responsibilities in this miniseries conclusion.

Scifi 'Scientist holds test tube'

Mae December Chemistry E3

Before launching a new company, a family of scien­tists sure up their intellec­tual property and perfect their pitch deck for investors.

Scifi 'Couple having wine with dinner'

Mae December Chemistry E2

During an anniversary dinner, a husband inquires about the obscure source of his wife’s ageless beauty.


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Scifi 'Hand of couple studying books'

Mae December Chemistry

Premiere: A budding romance with a wide age gap begins over a table of elements and flourishes with prospects of long-lasting life in this novella drama miniseries.


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