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Following the presentation about a rebirth portal or monument, Ulysses Fargo offers insightful suggestions:

“I have yet to go through the process myself, but think about the experience of rebirth. In their old age, people hasten to climb steps and sometimes interrupt doctors performing medical procedures. The anxiety of missing the appropriate time is their last stressful emotion before vanishing from the scene. The lack of privacy makes it a spectacle.

“Building a ground-level transporter room, for lack of a better term, provides the rebirther with convenience and privacy. You might include some sort of biometric scanner to keep track of those who enter and record the history of their rebirth.

“Outside of the transporter, a relaxing environment with comfortable sofas, plants, and an elliptical panorama of births and accomplishments will contribute to the dignity and peacefulness of the occasion. The structure should not be a memorial. It is a celebration of life.”

“Well, I concur with all of your excellent input. Perhaps, if you don’t mind, you might provide your thoughts on a related project.” Anastasius dims the lights and then resumes the video.

Spa Capsule

In the video, Anastasius reveals her patented pod concept. “This does not compare with the rebirth portal you discovered. But this capsule, or pod, has the purpose of being part of a careful regimen to rejuvenate skin and extend life.”

“It looks impressive and relaxing. How does it work with the rebirth portal?”

“This is an adjunct to the portal. We all must make it to our 100th birthdate. So nutrition, exercise, and regular doctor visits are important. The total-body rejuvena­tion pod reduces stress within the mind and skin cells.

“Relaxing music with affirmations calm the soul while maintaining the ideal skin pH. It also monitors heart rate and breathing with custom oxygen ratios.

“Though anyone can enjoy the rejuvenation pod, ideal uses will be for post-surgical recovery, mental health treatment, and a safe space for up to 20 minutes at a time for those awaiting their rebirth moment.”

“Well, can you book me an appointment a dozen years in the future?” Ulysses asks with a smile.

“We hope to have all these options available within the next three years. Thereafter, we look forward to you benefiting from each of them. Now, if you like, I can show you the obstetrics department where you were born.”

“That would certainly be a delightful highlight of this visit.”

Construction goes according to plan. The rebirth portal transporter room and its surrounding facility undergo several enhancements with further input from Ulysses. Upon completion, he is invited back to relax in a pod and cut the ribbon on the Flagler Hospital Rebirth Portal.


At age 99, Byron Wentworth is one month away from the window of oppor­tu­nity. When he first became aware of the rebirth portal, he had just recovered from heart bypass surgery at age 70. The prospect of living to 100 seemed unlikely. After a couple of decades went by, he began researching the option more thoroughly.

The goal was to move back to St. Augustine, Florida, where he was born—walking distance from the hospital if possible. But he is now living in the Tallahassee home of his son Anthony, that is 200 miles away.

With poor vision and slow reflexes, Byron lost his driver’s license prior to his bypass surgery. So on his 100th birthday, he must convince his son to drive him to Flagler Hospital. One of his plans is to educate Anthony about the opportunity by leaving conspicuous messages. As a backup plan, he schedules a cardiology appoint­ment at the Flagler Hospital on the anniversary of his birth.

Two weeks before his appointment, Byron complains of sharp pain in his shoulder, arm, back, and chest on the left side. Family assumes he has a failing heart and want to admit him to a home with hospice care. Byron is determined to get 200 miles away to his place of birth. His rationale for protesting hospice gives the appearance of dementia.

“I have a sane mind. Take me to local urgent care. But come what may, I want to make my appointment at Flagler Hospital.”

His son replies, “I’ll take you to urgent care now to hear their recommendation."

The urgent care physician at Tallahassee Memorial Hospital is Marcus McCoy, He diagnoses acute idiopathic brachial neuritis. The rare disease is more common among males between 20 and 60 years of age. He prescribes pain medication and suggests a followup appointment for further imaging if discomfort persists.

Byron suggests to Doctor McCoy, “Please include any recommendations in my record for the already scheduled appointment at Flagler Hospital in two weeks.”

“That facility is quite a distance away. I can schedule you an appointment here if you like?”

“I should be entitled to my wish at 100 years of age,” Byron insists.

“That wouldn’t happen to be your birth hospital, would it?” asks McCoy.

“It certainly is,” Byron says with a smile.

“I completely understand. I am very familiar with the rebirth portal theory. Hey, it’s worth a shot. At the very least, you will have a cardiology appoint­ment. But if the portal works out, it will be the last time you see your family—as Byron Wentworth,” cautions McCoy.

Smiling through his tears, Byron says, “Yes, I realize that. It will be bitter-sweet.”

“I am curious how that works out for you. If you have problems getting there, perhaps I can pull some strings and send an ambulance,” McCoy offers. “If, it is less eventful than you anticipate, give me a call anyway to followup with your care here.”

“You keep that ambulance gassed up in case my son, Anthony, gets lazy. My cardio appointment is at 2:00 PM. But my time of birth is 12:47 PM. I can’t be late.”

“From what I read about recent renovations there, you may wish to schedule an appointment for 9:00 AM. This will eliminate stress and you can benefit from the relaxation pods prior to entering the rebirth portal.”

“I will take your advice, doctor. My hope is for the cardiologist to be paging my name over the intercom at my 2:00 PM appointment time. But you will not find me after already reaching my rebirth destination, if all goes well,” Byron anticipates


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