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'Free Shipping Options'

Lower Your Shipping Fees

Sales over $99 delivered within the contiguous United States may receive $19 shipping. Ground shipping throughout Canada is $29.

Marketing 'ClinicalPosters Annual Progress Report'

Congratulations on Your Success

Our website redesign resulted in a 157 percent increase in visitors and 138 percent more pageviews. Our 20 thousand Pinterest followers generate over 2 million monthly viewers.

Website 'Read Our Blogs Toll-Free'

Read Our Blogs For Free

A Bit More Healthy blog content is accessible for free to all newsletter subscribers. ClinicalPosters Plus provides free shipping in North America.

Products 'Private Parts Have Become More Private'

More Private Parts

ClinicalPosters can selec­tively hide products from everyone but custo­mers with the associat­ed medical in­terest. Sign in before shop­ping to see full range of ana­tomy products available to you.

Products 'Doing It Backwards'

You’re Doing It Backwards

It may work to shop your way, but your method in reverse leads to a more exhilarating experience. TED Talk explains, “Why you think you’re right — even when you’re wrong.”


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Vision 'Aurora Borealis'

Bigger, Wider, More Color! All Right!

Inventory for anatomy posters and other categories has grown. Human anatomy has entered third dimension with anatomical models, and more.

Nutrition 'Share Breakfast With ClinicalPosters'

Share Breakfast With ClinicalPosters

When do you visit Clinical­Posters? Stop by during break­fast or while sipping your morning cup of coffee. This site adjusts to your individual interests.

Website 'How To Gain Access To Health Blog'

Gain Full Access To Health Blog

Anatomy poster content supple­ments Health blog articles. Buying one poster for every blog article could cost hun­dreds of dollars per year. Gain access to all articles for free.

Fulfillment 'Packing supplies'

Love The Way We Handle Poster Shipping

It takes more than a stamped envelope to ship undamaged posters anywhere in the world. The extra care is reflected in nominal shipping and handling fees.


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