Bigger, Wider, More Color! All Right!

Aurora Borealis

Sitting in reclining theater seats, the main event is overhead.

Auditorium lights dim. Gradually, we are in total darkness. After our pupils adjust, spectacular celestial phenomena progressively comes into view. Sound effects and the vast concave canvas add to the illusion of infinite depth. It feels as if we are floating through time and space, not siting within the Griffith Observatory Planetarium. During my visit, the voice of an exuberant attendee shouts in the distance: “Bigger… Wider… More color… All right!” This jubilation well expresses reactions to new features and products rolling out this year at ClinicalPosters.

Bigger Selection

By measure of inventory and site enhancements, the past couple of months have been the most productive since our move to a modern e-commerce platform in January. There are new poster titles—some with physically larger dimensions, brochures, high-quality anatomy models, and items for casual shoppers. That last category includes anatomical lapel pins and charms.

Wider Audience

ClinicalPosters is expanding the number of different anatomy poster titles in stock. There are more products for cardiologists, otolaryngologists, immunologists, obstetricians, pulmonologists, urologistsdentistspodiatrists, and acupuncturists.

We hear you. A dozen posters with either French or Spanish translations are now available. Some are offered in all three languages—perfect for interchangeable-content DeuPair Pocket Frames. Without removing frame from the wall or taking up more wall space, the content or language is updated in seconds. More poster titles and Latin languages are under review.

Update: Due to quality issues with vendor fulfillment, ClinicalPosters is suspending inclusion of multi-language poster tittles. Those on hand will not be replenished after inventory is sold.

Another way to transcend language barriers is to use anatomical models. These 3-dimensional education tools are useful in exam rooms and classrooms to explain medical procedures to patients and students. A Models category is accessible within the Products navigation tab. Anatomy model pages are also integrated among associated poster categories.

Anatomical Model
ClinicalPosters sells human anatomical models.

More Color

You may think of lamination as transparent. But with UV filters, lamination saturates colors up to 15 percent and maintains vibrance for years. Our premium hygienic lamination has several distinctive properties:

  • Provides a barrier against poster surface contamination
  • UV filters to brighten and preserve colors
  • Low-glare satin finish
  • Thicker than standard lamination

Standard anatomy poster lamination is 1.3 mil on both sides (2.6 mil total). ClinicalPosters hygienic lamination has traditionally been 3 mil on the front and 1.7 on the back. Multiple laminate weights can have differing heat and stretch tolerances. Switching to identical 3 mil on both sides smooths out lamination issues. The combined thickness of two-sided lamination has increased from 4.7 to 6 milimeters.

This extra thickness is required for the new multilingual posters since they are are printed on light­weight glossy paper. Regardless of which title chosen, poster corners and vibrance are preserved even longer with thicker hygienic lamination.

Free Aurora Borealis Shipping

The Northern Lights visible from Canada are beautiful. So is free shipping. Our broad array of products and free shipping for North American customers may feel familiar.

ClinicalPosters Plus is as service something like Amazon Prime, only it is primarilly for medical professionals. Pay annual subscription fee and United States and Canadian residents gain access to free standard shipping on most products. The only way to bring you this rich customized experience is to dynamically generate web pages based on individual user settings. If you don’t log in, general web pages are served with default settings.

After becoming a Plus member, log in and fill your cart with posters, frames and pins (models products) all year long. During checkout, your shipping fees are nullified for practicality everything you buy. (Excludes customized bulk-print, freight and tariffs.) ClinicalPosters Plus also opens full access to A Bit More Healthy blog.

Things Are Looking Up

Product inventory has grown by more than 40 percent within 6 months. There are more anatomy poster titles and product categories. Human anatomy enters the third dimension with anatomical models. User privacy and mature content filters are stronger.

Like the Planetarium attendee exclaimed, ClinicalPosters is indeed bigger and wider with more color! All right. Now is the time to revitalize your medical office or classroom with human anatomy products.

*For consistency, final checkout displays USD regardless of selected currency.

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