Introducing ClinicalPosters Prime

ClinicalPosters is proud to provide premium human anatomy posters with hygienic lamination and content-interchangeable DeuPair Frames.

Similarities Between Amazon and ClinicalPosters

Amazon began by selling books. ClinicalPosters began selling human anatomy posters. Amazon now accounts for nearly half of all e-commerce sales. ClinicalPosters has extended its product list beyond anatomy posters. Both Amazon and ClinicalPosters offer global shipping.

ClinicalPosters Plus includes free standard delivery for nearly every category of non-sale items to USA and Canada destinations. An added bonus is access to the popular A Bit More Healthy blog. This blog began by consolidating clinical data and scholarly articles into language that is understandable to laypersons and patients. The clarity makes it a useful resource for medical professionals as well.

ClinicalPosters Plus

Who Benefits From ClinicalPosters Plus?

ClinicalPosters delivers anatomy posters and frames to medical offices. Hospitals and medical groups that are progres­sively equipping exam rooms with anatomy posters benefit from having posters shipped frequently to satellite offices throughout the year.

ClinicalPosters Plus subscriptions are $199 for United States and $299 for Canada. Consider­ing that one shipment to Canada averages $50, ClinicalPosters Plus is very appealing to Canadians. It pays for itself after about five orders.

If you place a large order and the shipping fee is close to the cost for Plus, member­ship is a no-brainer. Medical groups that are expanding their offices to new locations appreciate having posters delivered throughout the year. When you need to return a non-custom item, your Plus membership pays for return shipping.

Login Benefits ClinicalPosters Plus
Region North America
Free Shipping $50 mini­mum checkout †
Return Shipping Non-custom, undamaged products
Promo Code Discounts * Up to 3%
A Bit More Healthy Blog Access with free newsletter subscription
News Blog Access
USA $199 yr
Canada $299 yr

† United States and Canada receive most economical USPS Priority Mail or FedEx Ground shipping to account address. Excludes freight, cargo and express delivery. Canadian customers may be responsible for international customs duty fees.
* Variable monthly promo codes are visible within navigation menu when logged in. These may be used during checkout with various online payment methods.
If subscription rate increases in the future, yours remains the same unless there is a lapse in coverage.

Is ClinicalPosters Plus Right for You?

This is not for one-time purchasers. It is ideal for hospitals and medical groups. Do you want to spread out purchases over the year? For the simplicity of free shipping with the option of adding promo codes, you will love Plus.

ClinicalPosters offers medical offices something truly different. Start receiving free shipping today. You can even log in to ClinicalPosters with your Amazon account and use Amazon account when you checkout at ClinicalPosters to save keystrokes.

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