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Two Significant Subscription Changes

We are excited to announce two significant changes to our subscription services. A Bit More Healthy blog content is accessible for free to all newsletter subscribers. Annual subscription price for ClinicalPosters Plus free shipping service is reduced within the United States due to lower ground rates.

Several major journalism sites have tried and and abandoned pay­wall revenue. News sites thrive on covering breaking news stories, so blocking urgent events is counter­productive to their mission. There are also negative psycho­logical implica­tions associated with delayed gratification as you encounter virtual toll booths when attempting to read content.

ClinicalPosters separates News and Health into two blogs so important site news is always available. Full text of popular health articles is also available without login alongside A Bit More Healthy previews. The vast majority of content has always been available without cost.

All Lanes Are Open

Despite repeated explanations, the vernacular for describing the difference between A Bit More Healthy newsletter subscriber and A Bit More Healthy blog subscriber continues to flummox visitors. Some have signed up for the newsletter with the assumption they wold receive full access to the health blog. They have been confused and disappointed when they discover another type of subscrip­tion is required.

Frustration is not the emotion we want to convey. So now everyone gets access to most content. Logged in email subscribers receive access to every blog article.

To read A Bit More Healthy blog, make certain you are logged into your ClinicalPosters account and have subscribed to our monthly newsletter.

ClinicalPosters has always striven to provide the most useful information to every type of visitor. This is true whether the content is hanging on a wall or read on our blogs. Unifying A Bit More Healthy newsletter and blog access into one free subscription service is the latest evidence of our commitment.

We have opened up thousands of dollars worth of health content relevant to both doctors and patients. We trust you will help us continue to help you by purchasing our high-quality anatomical posters models and other products that fund more great articles or donate.

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