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'Private Parts Have Become More Private'

More Private Parts

ClinicalPosters can selec­tively hide products from everyone but custo­mers with the associat­ed medical in­terest. Sign in before shop­ping to see full range of ana­tomy products available to you.

Website 'Doing It Backwards'

You’re Doing It Backwards

It may work to shop your way, but your method in reverse leads to a more exhilarating experience. TED Talk explains, “Why you think you’re right — even when you’re wrong.”

Products 'Diseases of the Digestive System Posters'

Compare Diseases of the Digestive System Posters

In a head-to-head compari­son, each human anatomy poster depicts diseases differently. Choose the best anatom­ical posters for your medical office or classroom.

Products 'Get Fascinating Vitruvian Man Poster'

Get Fascinating Vitruvian Man Poster

Few art pieces are favored more to represent the health pro­fes­sion than the caduceus and Vitruvian Man drawn by Leonardo da Vinci. Download free poster now.

Products 'Why Are Most Swimsuits Made of Polyester?'

Why Most Swimsuits Are Polyester

Polyester swimsuits have the most consistent fit over the life of the garment and resist bagging. Compare with Lycra, nylon and natural fabrics to learn why polyester is most popular.


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Fulfillment 'When Can I Expect Backordered Posters?'

When Backordered Posters Ship

Inventory is constantly adjusted based on dynamic demand. Some backordered items are fulfilled the same day. Other times it may take up to a month.

Otolaryngology 'Best Human Anatomy Posters Are Right Under Your Nose'

Best Human Anatomy Posters Are Right Under Your Nose

View a fresh line of otolaryn­gology anatomy posters with 22x28 inch dimensions to supplement prior 20x26 titles. Choose the best anatomical posters for your oto­laryngolo­gists medical office or c...

Products 'Large Posters for Small Prices'

Large Posters for Small Prices

Perhaps you noticed a growing number of oversize 22x28 inch (56x71 cm) anatomy posters among standard 20x26 inch (51x66 cm) charts. Why do these beautiful oversize charts cost less than standard on...

Products 'How to Buy Anatomy Posters Without Regrets'

How to Buy Anatomy Posters Without Regrets

Poster selection can be made by doctors, an office manager or nurse. If it’s you, learn how real-world usage and avail­able wall space have greater impact than cost savings.

Products 'Why You Need Laminated Posters'

Why You Need Laminated Posters

Contamination is gross to consider Two-stage defense provides hygienic UV protection and a surface that can be disinfected by wiping away germs.

Marketing 'Your Medical Specialty Has Value'

Your Medical Specialty Has Value

In an era of specialties, we are excited to offer a special way to reward the many individuals, doctors, nurses, and hospital administrators who have made ClinicalPosters their home.


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