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'Interesting Ways Customers Use ClinicalPins'

Interesting Ways Customers Use ClinicalPins

Not all ClinicalPins are for doctors and they certainly are not aways used for obvious purposes. Which is your favorite pin and how do you plan on featuring it?

Marketing 'Looking For Sponsors'

Looking For Sponsors

Some outside contributions provide value to readers. So ClinicalPosters is happy to offer a collection of advertis­ing and marketing oppor­tunities.

Products 'Gastroenterology Exam-Room Design Budget'

Gastroenterology Exam-Room Design Budget

Equip each medical exam room with seven framed human anatomy posters for under $400. Optional­ly share $400 of anatomi­cal models between multiple offices.

Products 'Personalize Each Patient Exam Room Experience With DeuPair Frames'

How To Personalize Each Patient Exam Room Experience

DeuPair Frames are crafted primarily for medical offices and classrooms. With a 10-year guarantee, they don’t skew. Learn other advantages.

Marketing 'Biohazard mask'

Trust Our Email

Security filters are used to safely deliver email messages. If our emails are not getting through, corporate customers ask IT departments to whitelist ClinicalPosters.


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Products 'Grading The Quality of Gemstones'

You Might Not Have The Stones To Wear Diamonds

Diamonds are the most expen­sive gems, so substi­tutes of varying degrees of quality are worn, includ­ing Cubic Zirconia and moissanite.

Website 'Better Browsing Experience'

Better Blog Browsing Experience

An implementation that may not be a big deal to you, has proved both challenging and exciting to us. It offers better navigation with enhanced protection for minors.

Products 'Select and Clean Jewelry Like a Pro'

How to Clean and Preserve Jewelry

How valuable is your jewelry? Do you know how to clean it properly? Can you prevent silver jewelry from turning dark? Should a clear coating be applied?

Products 'Wear The Latest ClinicalPins'

Spread Joy With ClinicalPins

ClinicalPins are stylish and decorative lapel or breast pins that beautifully communicate interests of men or women, doctors or nurses and patients or professionals.

Products 'Wear Medical and Anatomical Lapel Pins'

Get Recognition You Deserve With Lapel Pins

In addition to hanging human anatomy on the wall, you can now wear anatomy on your lapel, your tie, around your neck or on your wrist.

Products 'Man having blood pressure checked'

Cardiology Teaching Products Budget

Equip each medical exam room with seven framed human anatomy posters for under $400. Optionally share $900 of anatomical models between multiple offices.

Website 'ClinicalPosters Annual Progress Report'

Congratulations on Your Success

Our website redesign resulted in a 157 percent increase in visitors and 138 percent more pageviews. Our 20 thousand Pinterest followers generate over 2 million monthly viewers.


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