Wear The Latest ClinicalPins

Anatomy posters are great for exam room and classroom walls. They make it possible for medical professionals to clearly demonstrate health issues to patients and students, respectively. Beyond the walls, ClinicalPins hang on individuals. This is way more awesome in some respects. What are ClinicalPins?

ClinicalPins are primarily lapel or breast pins that beautifully communicate interests of men or women, doctors or nurses and patients or professionals. They are stylish and more decorative than a name tag. Some can be worn as necklaces, bracelets or earrings. Feature visceral anatomy or medical disciplines (degrees). Share your playful or serious personality. There are enough styles for everyone to enjoy.

The eyes of those who behold ClinicalPins light up when viewing them on others. The effect multiplies when ClinicalPins are received as gifts. If you are looking for a give a gift of appreciation or affection, ClinicalPins are sure to please.

Make It Personal

To make gifting more fun, you can select personalized message stickers for ClinicalPins. You don’t need to be a poet or have the best penmanship. Just select a message from the drop­down menu on the corresponding product page. Your jewelry purchase will be placed in a colorful gift box before applying the sticker.

Personalize ClinicalPins

When ClinicalPins are ordered separately, First Class shipping is nothing, or pretty close to it. The caveats are that you lose the ability to track and therefore insure the package. Because USPS First Class mail is shipped in a bubble-pack envelope, the internal pop-up jewelry box remains flat to prevent it from being crushed. You should receive it personally to pop up the box and insert your gift. When trackable USPS Priority Mail shipping is selected, your gift comes pre-assembled for direct delivery.

The next time you are shopping for the office, pick up ClinicalPins for yourself, your colleagues or friends. Help spread some joy.

March 15, 2019 by Kevin Williams

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