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'Sharp knife'

Write Worthwhile Words

When writing, learn how to balance cutting to the main point with engaging readers by writing compel­ling stories that activate their minds.

Writing 'Artificial Intelligence Writing'

AI-Powered Blog Posts

If you are feeling over­whelmed with the amount of writing necessary to run a business, you might consider using artificial intelligence.

Writing 'Outsourcing International Writers'

Outsourcing International Writers

When hiring inter­national writers, weigh the amount of time editing with the time you might spend writing yourself.

Writing 'Laptop keyboard typing'

Fact-Checker Credibility

To instill reader confidence, the articles you write may require a secondary review process.

Writing 'How to Minimize Rejection'

Minimize Writer Rejection

The reason your writing is rejected by publishers and editors may be that you do not reject enough.


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Writing 'Young woman writing'

Prepare to Write a Novella

People have no obligation to read your story. You must compel them to do so. Writing a novella shares characteristic techniques of writing a novel.

Writing 'Paper stack'

As Good As Your Last Piece

It is career suicide as a writer to work hard to impress editors with your first article or two and then veer off course with inconsistency.

Writing 'A Review Isn’t a Rewrite'

A Review Isn’t a Rewrite

In an effort to get your work before the eyes of more readers, do not make the mistake of rewriting the article someone hires you to review.

Writing 'Confused and perplexed trio of men'

A Writer’s Critique

Despite the inherent value of critiques, they are most often appreciated only when complementary. Prepare yourself for candid criticism.

Writing 'Writing Timeless Topics'

How To Write Timeless Topics

You have a choice of picking trendy topics for a short surge of readers or endur­ing topics that remain relevant years into the future.

Writing 'Role of Emotions in Writing'

Role of Emotions in Writing

Humor and other emotions give dimension to dry writing. Elevate the quality of your stories with these tips.

Writing 'Hands typing on laptop'

Write a Hundred Articles

If you are starting a new online business or want to improve website traffic, you should write a ton of articles even if nobody is yet reading them.


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