A Review Isn’t a Rewrite

A Review Isn’t a Rewrite

In an effort to get your work before the eyes of more readers, do not make the mistake of rewriting the article someone hires you to review.

Publish Insights 7 August 2021

Make a Name For Yourself

Writers need to have their work published. It is not only for experi­ence, but to establish legiti­macy. Linking to several web pages substan­tiates user profiles and personal biogra­phies. Adapting to the writing style of multiple web­sites can be difficult. It is easier to provide expert reviews of articles other people write. In this capacity, you are not the writer, though you may get a mention.

Sometimes the articles you review require much editing to correct grammar or facts. This is why the writer or editor seeks your services. On the other extreme, reviewers may want to edit material with their personal insights in order to claim authorship.

Distinguish Writers From Reviewers

Reviewer Blurs Line of Writer

Some reviewers are anonymous ghost­writers. Others get their name mentioned. I have hired profes­sionals who blur the line between reviewer and writer. It becomes apparent in the way they reference the assignment.

I mention the title of an article to review. They respond that they will begin writing it. Other clues are long turn­arounds and high reviewer fees. Selective edits make it into the final. So they may be putting more effort into work than necessary.

If you are an editor accepting a guest submission or hiring a freelance writer, you may need to massage the text to conform to site guidelines. But if some­one hires you to review work, focus on grammar and profes­sional accuracy.

Comman­deer­ing someone else’s work is not necessary unless they provide you with a basic outline to develop. In many cases, no edits are required when working with skilled writers. The goal is to have a fresh pair of eyes fact check conclusions.

By sticking to the task, the writer will have more confidence publishing work. Whether you get a mention or not, you will develop a reputa­tion for good results. Developing a rapport, possibly later contribute separate articles with full name credit.

Guest Writing

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