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'Sharp knife'

Write Worthwhile Words

When writing, learn how to balance cutting to the main point with engaging readers by writing compel­ling stories that activate their minds.

Writing 'What’s Your Writing Style?'

What Type of Writer Are You?

Discover seven types of writers that contribute to the explosion of content that is available online. How can blogs benefit?

Website 'Image Size Matters'

Image Size Matters

Part of your site engine optimiza­tion should include increas­ing dimen­sions of com­pressed images to bring more traffic to your website.

Programming 'Train track paths'

Optimize Shopify Collection Paths

This Liquid code includes a paginate option that allows visitors to Browse pages of a collection when they land on a product page.

Writing 'Writing Standards'

ClinicalPosters Writing Style Guide

These 16 tips will help elevate the quality of articles. This, in turn, encourages visitors to return and read more blog content.


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Programming 'One-Page Multiple Shopify Blogs Shopify Liquid'

List Multiple Blog Articles On A Page

Explore two ways to display multiple blog articles on a single page. One method uses Liquid program­ming. The other requires no coding at all.

Programming 'Liquid Code to Add New Label in Shopify'

Liquid Has Something New

Here is an easy way to auto­ma­tical­ly label a product created on a new product page within the current year as new.

Programming 'Reading eyeglasses on book'

Estimate Article Read Time For Shopify

It is helpful to estimate how long it should take to read blog articles. The average adult silent reading speed is about 200 to 250 words per minute.

Writing 'Write Articles People Enjoy Reading'

Write Articles People Enjoy Reading

Many health sites include drab but informative, commentary. Consider leading with the best sentence of the article.

Website 'Best Free Stock Image Sites'

Where To Find Stock Photos

If you write a blog about anything other than your own life with selfies, there is a good chance you need photos to draw in your readers.

Website 'Questions for Shopify Gurus or Experts'

Questions for Shopify Gurus or Experts

Match questions to the right Shopify e-commerce support to receive the best answers. In general, Shopify Gurus do not answer programming inquiries.

Marketing 'How to a Pitch Business Plan To Investors'

Pitching To Investors

This sheds light on the process of fund raising while measur­ing whether you are up to the task, helping you to avoid some costly mistakes.


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