Write Articles People Enjoy Reading

Write Articles People Enjoy Reading

Many health sites include drab but informative, commentary. Consider leading with the best sentence of the article.

Become A Better Writer

The most informative articles can go unnoticed if they fail to draw readers in. Consider leading with the best sentence of the article for a thought-provoking introduc­tion. Read further to see how to do this with health articles.

Many health sites include drab but informative, commentary on disease or drugs. Visitors read them to lookup symptoms, contra­indica­tions, and cures. Doctors gravitate towards austere wording that alienates patients. So how do you write health articles that appeal to the masses?

Popular topics are diet, nutrition, fitness, and cosmetics. “Health and beauty” are often paired as a social media category of interest. ClinicalPosters articles also branch into human anatomy, coping with chronic ailments and disease. The key is to transcend boring facts and reveal accessible benefits.

If you are sick, which would you rather read: statistics and etymology or how to feel better? When a contagious disease is prevalent, don’t you want to know how to protect yourself?

Breaking Writer’s Block

Write Health Articles People Enjoy Reading

Say you decide to write an article about the nutritional benefits of apples. They are a good source of fiber and vitamin C. Among the 7500 varieties, which are the crispest and sweetest? For many people, apple selection is hit-and-miss. They buy some that are too bitter or mushy. Is this because they are out of season?

Are some apples better for people monitoring sugar (natural fructose) intake? Do nutritional benefits diminish when you drink them as a juice? Is apple sauce or chutney as good as fresh? Is apple cobbler a healthy dessert? Increase the value of your article by answering questions readers can apply to personal behavior.

Adapt the example of the apple article to other topics. This is not to say all articles should be about fruit.

  • Have you crossed the line from looking attractive to “looking good for your age?” How does that expression make you feel?
  • Have you ever shaken a salt shaker with a loosened cap? What you expect to be a light sprinkle to enhance flavor becomes a meal-destroying nightmare. How much sodium is too much?
  • Wearing too much makeup or undergoing too many cosmetic procedures can be like a salt shaker. How do you accept aging gracefully?

Find Your Voice

To write well, you need to write often. It helps to research the topic, even if you know something about it. After reading several articles, your head swells with information. Begin developing an outline and jotting down your thoughts. After doing so, go back to the research and add a few key references.

To help get past writer’s block, go for a walk. Change your environment—perhaps a comfy chair in a coffee shop. Read a book.

Here is a relatively successful technique by Yale University psychologists Jerome Singer and Michael Barrio. Writers sit in a dim, quiet room and contemplate a series of prompts asking them to produce and then describe dream-like creations.

They might, for example, “visualize” a piece of music, or a specific setting in nature. Afterward, they visualize something from their current projects and then generate a “dreamlike experience” based on that project.

Keep It Simple

Strive for simplicity, clarity, elegance, and evoca­tive­ness. Dynamic transla­tion allows visitors around the world to read your stories online. Convoluted sentence structure and misspellings lead to confusing translations.

It is beneficial to lower the grade reading level. The average American adult has a 9th-grade reading level. Authors write popular mass-market novels at a 7th-grade level. Studies show that adults prefer reading two grades below their ability.

For informal, conversational writing, you might need to break a few grammatical rules. Beginning a sentence with “And” or splitting infinitives might set off alarms within Grammarly or Hemingway Writer but if it helps better convey the flow of thought, ”boldly go where no one has gone before.”

ClinicalPosters accepts a variety of articles for publication on ClinicalReads Health blog. Learning the requirements of the site before submitting articles leads to higher acceptance. Are you up for the challenge of writing something people enjoy reading?

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