Questions for Shopify Gurus or Experts

Questions for Shopify Gurus or Experts

Match questions to the right Shopify e-commerce support to receive the best answers. In general, Shopify Gurus do not answer programming inquiries.

Shopify is an e-commerce platform with 24/7 support via telephone or online chat. Sometimes it is convenient to talk face-to-face. A number of Shopify physical locations are opening up that are staffed with Shopify Gurus.

It is refreshing to shop for retail hardware, attend scheduled events, or make an appointment for a personal appointment with a friendly Shopify Guru to discuss marketing, usability issues, or app installation.

Liquid Limitations

Each user has access to underlying Liquid programming code. Shopify provides extensive technical notes for its use in addition to hosting online developer forums. GitHub is another resource for Liquid code examples. However, expect radio silence from the very mention of the word Liquid to a Shopify Guru. This is considered the domain of Shopify Experts.

Ask a Shopify Guru to get back with answers to a question about Liquid in person, during a chat, within an email? Don’t expect a (quick) response. Why might you perceive a cold shoulder when inquiring about Liquid from a Shopify Guru? Debugging takes time.

Even the simplest issue like a missing HTML tag can throw your theme appearance into chaos. Shopify Experts, likened to tier-4 support, charge money to add features, optimize code, or debug. Shopify Guru advice, likened to tier-1 support, is free.

Levels of Support

Shopify GuruBasic UsabilityTier 1
Shopify PartnerAffiliate; Modify ThemesTier 2
Shopify Plus PartnerThird-Party Solutions; ThemesTier 3
Shopify ExpertLiquid Program­ming; Modify ThemesTier 4
Shopify Plus ExpertAdvanced Liquid Program­mingTier 5
Questions for Shopify Gurus or Experts

Shopify Partners provide support for their own third-party solutions or may provide modification for specific Shopify-brand themes. They or Shopify Experts may provide optimization and feature enhancement to your theme.

Shopify Plus is the highest level of Shopify subscription. It includes a dedicated server and opens access to additional features, including the complete checkout experience. Only certified Shopify Plus Experts should work on such websites.

Each third-party app modifies underlying Liquid code within the theme style a little or a lot. A portion of the code often resides on an external server. Changing a theme requires reinstallation of each app. App developers can assist with migration of their respective code to a new theme.

Removal of third-party apps through the Shopify interface disables, but not always removes, all third-party code. Custom modifications to CSS, Javascript, schema, or Liquid within a theme style and are not transferred if you decide to change the theme.

Shopify Gurus are great if you what to better understand how to use Shopify functions such as adding products, choosing themes, receiving third-party app suggestions, modifying admin settings, or hardware recommendations for a brick-and-mortar store. When it comes to underlying code, Gurus generally respect their tier.

For questions about how to implement custom features with Liquid, read online resources or budget several hundred dollars to hire a Shopify Expert.

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