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'Lady sick with flu'

Effective Flu Remedies

A flu vaccine can prevent or lessen effects this season. Here are helpful suggestions if you find yourself with debilitating symptoms.

Pulmonology 'Female on sofa coughing into elbow'

Who is At Risk for RSV?

A little-known respiratory infection called RSV causes thousands of annual hospitalizations.

Pulmonology 'Patient holding thermometer during medical videoconference'

Distinguish Flu, Bronchitis, Pneumonia

If you never catch the flu in your lifetime, it’s a miracle. But if you contract influenza, or something similar, have an immediate action plan.

Immunology 'Battlefield tanks in war'

You’re Living Through WW3

A major superpower has launched a war. Delaying the victory is only possible by drawing other nations into the conflict. You have been drawn in.

Immunology 'Pandemic tourists couple'

Pandemic Travel Anxiety

Outdated: You want to get out, but still remain safe. Consider staycations or either of these professionally recommended vacation ideas.


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Immunology 'Black woman receives vaccination'

Who Gets Stronger Flu Vaccine?

Each year standard and high-dose influenza vaccines are available. Why are black and hispanic seniors left with a less powerful flu vaccine?

Prescriptions 'Female shoulder bandage'

Pharmacy Diagnosis and Treatment

Despite concern of doctors, pharmacists get more leeway to offer treatment with testing. Does this endanger or enhance healthcare?

Immunology 'Handwashing gel'

What is the Covid Endgame?

Outdated: If the goal isn’t to eliminate SARS-CoV-2 infections, what is the pandemic endgame?

Individual 'Young Beach Runners'

The Reality of Covid

Outdated: The coronavirus continues to ravage the world like an expanding torrential river after almost two years. It will take more than optimism to abate it.

Immunology 'More Names For Covid'

Popular Covid Names

Depending upon how close you have become with the disease, like many people, you may adopt more casual names for 2019 Coronavirus Disease.

Immunology 'African Americans Fear Flu and Covid Vaccines'

Blacks Fear Flu and Covid Shots

A variety of rationales fuel the inocu­la­tion aversion. Few are valid but con­spir­acy theories persist, leading to adverse Covid outcomes.

Immunology 'Protect Yourself From Coronavirus'

Protect Yourself From Coronavirus

Outdated: The global coronavirus outbreak has everyone scrambling for news. What are the symptoms? How can you protect yourself?


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