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6 episodes tagged Past fear
'Couple therapy'

Past Fear E6

A wife negotiates a resolu­tion with her husband while a therapist offers multiple support avenues for over­lap­ping physical and emotional illnesses.

Drama 'Group therapy session'

Past Fear E5

A psychiatrist delves into the dark past to distinguish repressed childhood memories from deviant tendencies.

Drama 'Serious male attorney'

Past Fear E4

Protection comes at a cost. The family must learn to prioritize expenses when hiring an attorney and psycho­therapist.

Drama 'Angry women crowd'

Past Fear E3

Recognizing that the problem requires outside help, a loyal wife begins investi­gat­ing measures to protect her family.

Drama 'Mother and child at park'

Past Fear E2

A mother learns that her husband of 25 years has a dark past that may jeopardize their family life.


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Drama 'Face palm'

Past Fear

Premiere: A father raises his son in isolation from extended family under the notion that everyone else has harmful issues. But his child’s internet sleuthing uncovers a concealed dark past.


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