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'Pay Your Way'

Pay Your Way

You might have a corporate AMEX card and personal PayPal account. Choosing a preferred payment method allows you to easily manage funds within each account.

Website 'Access Your Personal Health Website'

Let’s Get A Little More Personal

Not only are articles with your interest featured, you become part of the stories. And, of course, we personalize exam rooms.

Website 'Getting To Know You'

Getting To Know You

Deeper integration with subscriber history allows us to provide information more closely curated to your interests.

Products 'Grading The Quality of Gemstones'

You Might Not Have The Stones To Wear Diamonds

Diamonds are the most expen­sive gems, so substi­tutes of varying degrees of quality are worn, includ­ing Cubic Zirconia and moissanite.

Programming 'How to Build a Responsive Site Layout'

Our Site Responds Well to Your Device

If you notice shorter product descrip­tions or co­lumns missing from articles, your eyes aren’t play­ing tricks on you. It is part of a master plan.


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Website 'Doing It Backwards'

You’re Doing It Backwards

It may work to shop your way, but your method in reverse leads to a more exhilarating experience. TED Talk explains, “Why you think you’re right — even when you’re wrong.”

Vision 'Improve Your Vision With One Visit'

Improve Your Vision With One Visit

Is it getting more difficult to read blogs because of dry eyes, astig­matism or far-sightedness? While eye anatomy posters can help diagnose disorders, our website has been modified to improve legi...

Marketing 'Get Your Encrypted Email'

Get Encrypted Email Protection

ClinicalPosters supports bIlateral encrypted email with other ProtonMail members. It is also possible to send encrypted mess­ages that expire in 28 days to any email address.

Marketing 'Swimsuits Aren’t Just for Swimming'

Fun Summer Los Angeles Things To Do

Outdated: Swimwear is more about fashion and keeping cool. Here is a list of fun activities to enjoy in your chic summer garments.

Products 'Why Are Most Swimsuits Made of Polyester?'

Why Most Swimsuits Are Polyester

Polyester swimsuits have the most consistent fit over the life of the garment and resist bagging. Compare with Lycra, nylon and natural fabrics to learn why polyester is most popular.

Fulfillment 'When Can I Expect Backordered Posters?'

When Backordered Posters Ship

Inventory is constantly adjusted based on dynamic demand. Some backordered items are fulfilled the same day. Other times it may take up to a month.

Products 'Why Do Patients Purchase Anatomy Posters?'

Why Do Patients Purchase Anatomy Posters?

Don’t be shy about purchasing anatomy posters if your only credential is Dr. Mom. Just be certain not to self-diagnose and treat yourself. Leave that to professionals.


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