Pay Your Way

Pay Your Way

You might have a corporate AMEX card and personal PayPal account. Choosing a preferred payment method allows you to easily manage funds within each account.

Doing It Backwards

You’re Doing It Backwards

It may work to shop your way, but your method in reverse leads to a more exhilarating experience. TED Talk explains, “Why you think you’re right — even when you’re wrong.”

Improve Your Vision With One Visit

Improve Your Vision With One Visit

Is it getting more difficult to read blogs because of dry eyes, astig­matism or far-sightedness? While eye anatomy posters can help diagnose disorders, our website has been modified to improve legibility.

Get Your Encrypted Email

Get Encrypted Email Protection

ClinicalPosters supports bIlateral encrypted email with other ProtonMail members. It is also possible to send encrypted mess­ages that expire in 28 days to any email address.

Why Are Most Swimsuits Made of Polyester?

Why Most Swimsuits Are Polyester

Polyester swimsuits have the most consistent fit over the life of the garment and resist bagging. Compare with Lycra, nylon and natural fabrics to learn why polyester is most popular.

Lack of Grommets is Not a Mistake — It’s a Feature

Lack of Grommets is No Mistake

ClinicalPosters high-quality lam­inate is double-thick, has luxurious satin finish, and includes UV light filters to preserve colors longer. This adds up to optimum poster for framing without grommets.

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