Getting To Know You

Getting To Know You

We are increasing the value of our newsletters. For years they have summarized newly added blog articles once (or twice) a month. Though A Bit More Healthy newsletter will continue, deeper integration with subscriber history allows us to share information that is more relevant to each recipient.

In addition to enjoying timely news and helpful health articles from our two blogs, discover new products useful to your interests. Special promotions can feature discounts on items you need. As a result, there may be a few additional emails during the month.

From Whom It May Concern

ClinicalPosters manages over two dozen domains. A Bit More Healthy newsletter has traditionally used a email address while Transactional emails originate from For cohesiveness, both promotional and transactional emails will come from going forward. This may simplify IT department configuration and reduce confusion over the email originator. Furthermore, we are migrating from MailChimp to a new internal email server outlined in our updated privacy policy.

Better Language Support

The ClinicalPosters website includes code for dynamic Google translation into over one hundred languages. Except for capitalization inconsistencies, a few untranslated words, and the large "suggest translation" boxes, it works pretty well. Visitors around the world can navigate the site. Recently, we discovered that Google translation was interfering with some underlying code required for user login. This has been corrected. Anyone still experiencing such problems should notify us. Translation can be changed or disabled using the menu within the page footer or above the header.

Site-Wide Customization

It is amazing how much website customization is possible with just a few variables like first name and category of interest. This becomes noticeable when you log in, allowing you to experience short-cut navigation with a personalized home page. You can help us further by indicating your undefined specialty or gender on the customer account page when you log in.

Recent categories include: Attorney, Cosmetology, Internist, Motion Pictures and Photography. As with other specialties, product collections and blog articles are filtered by default to your preference when logged in. You can, of course, remove the filter or select another.

If you are a newsletter subscriber or customer and do not recall your login password, click the “Forgot your password” link on the account login page. An email will be sent to the account holder to reset the password.

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