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'Glowing AI computer chip (ai)'

How to Remain Relevant With AI

Are you spending thousands of hours and as many dollars maintaining a website only to see decreases in visitors? Why is this happening and what can you do about it?

Writing 'Man sitting at computer desk'

Not Too Much to Say

Hone your skills to write creatively within specific character counts.

Social media 'Mammoth (ai)'

Thawing Mastodon

If you’re used to Twitter, or perhaps fed up with it, you might consider a new social media platform called Mastodon.

Social media 'Twitter icons'

Will You Survive Twitter?

Are you planning to remain a member and see what comes of Twitter or will you abandon ship in light of recent developments?

Website 'Two men editing Photoshop image'

Compositing Images

By replacing the background, composting can result in a truly unique image. Color cast and lighting angle are two challenges of compositing.


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Social media 'Mobile phone screen with social media icons'

Twitter Summary Card With Large Image

You may have noticed tweets with full-width images above a text summary. Obviously, this attracts more attention. With a few tweaks, your tweets can do the same.

Website 'Custom Apple Touch Icon'

Custom Apple Touch Icon

Here is how to display custom art for your website when saving a web­ page book­mark on your mobile device or desktop computer.

Social media 'Grocery Shopping Cart Dangers'

Grocery Shopping Cart Dangers

In this article for Quora, read reasons beyond COVID-19 to take precautions and wash items before putting them away on your shelves.

Social media 'Benefits of Writing on Quora'

Benefits of Writing on Quora

How a struggling artist ended up paying pockets full of cash for an order of french fries.

Fulfillment 'Dream of Launching a Business Website Crumbles'

Dreams of Launching Website Business

Using the analogy of a bakery, find out what it takes to launch an online business under current regulations. Measure the impact of GDPR and interstate sales taxation.

Social media 'Twitter Promote Mode Campaign Halted'

Twitter Promote Mode Halts After 2 Months

Twitter’s automatic safe­guards can hinder market­ing objec­tives. I have run Twitter cam­paigns before. Promote Mode uses flawed algo­rithms that suppress desired posts. Read the good, bad and ugl...


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