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Most Expensive Tuber Meal


My most expensive meal may have been a side order of french fries. I took a 45 minute drive from Los Angeles to an Orange County advertising agency to see if any of the art directors had freelance work for me. It was noon when I arrived and the entire agency was going out to lunch together so I was invited to come along.

Hopeful that some paid work might come from it afterwards, I accepted the invitation and went to the sit-down restaurant with the gang. Being frugal, I just ordered a side of fries. We all got caught up in conversations and the lunch hour was gone.

Restaurant meal

Everyone began throwing cash on the table before dashing out. I had hitched a ride with one of the staff production artists. We were the last two left to add up the funds. I placed my $5 on the cash stack.

With a pale face, my ride told me we were $45 short. I am not sure where the “we” came from but I just ordered fries and included a very generous tip. He then said he had no more funds. Begrudgingly, I had to pay the deficit.

We went back to the agency to drum up some work but no one had anything for me at the time. So I drove back to Los Angeles less $50 and a tank of gas poorer.

To be fair, the agency paid me tens of thousands of dollars of work over the years. So to demand my $50 from everyone would seem petty. But to this day, I am cautious about being the last one sitting at a restaurant table.

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