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'Female singer with band'

Rhythmic Metaverse

Three women unite after experiencing unrelated health scares. The challenges they must overcome lead to the next global entertainment phenomenon.

Finale 'Female exiting limo backseat'

Luma Nery Star E2

Luna immerses herself in a new lifestyle that potentially wrecks ultimate career choices.

'Female bedtime phone call'

Luma Nery Star E1

Sequel: Because of mistrust, a wannabe starlet goes down a licentious path that she must find a way to rectify.

Thriller 'Female swimmer portrait posing'

Love Obsession E2

On a first date with a secret admirer, Ryan discovers she can be quite particular about details and attracting personal attention.

Finale 'Female white robe'

Right Booth E8

Luna’s refusal to be defeated requires her to plan a new future despite obstacles in this series finale


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Mystery 'Couple relaxing on beach'

Right Booth E7

Rex has successfully lowered all of Luna’s defenses. Now see how the persona he has created reacts.

Mystery 'Female unclasping bra'

Right Booth E6

Way over her head with a master negotiator, Luna tries to salvage some self respect before signing away control of her likeness.

Mystery 'Waiter serving healthy salad'

Right Booth E5

With a pen hovering over the contract line, Luna must determine her level of trust in the movie agent sitting across the table.

Finale 'Distraught woman'

Inkless Agassi E13

In this titillating series conclu­sion, discover whether Ricky is toying with Nicole’s mind or if he is the master­mind of an elaborate plan.

Mystery 'Female patrol officer exiting vehicle'

Inkless Agassi E12

Ricky and Jillian move into the family neighborhood in the face of shocking revelations and percolating trouble.

Mystery 'Seated pregnant mother'

Inkless Agassi E11

As treatments progress and Jillian prepares to give birth, plans are made for future extended family interaction.

Mystery 'Female help dressing'

Inkless Agassi E10

The Agassi family makes tough decisions in behalf of their relatives and the town they oversee.


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