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'Beautiful young woman photographs her restaurant meal'

Love Beyond Reach E3

As a married man, Nick must put aside his childhood dreams and zero in on his work and family.

'Boy having dream of woman'

Love Beyond Reach E1

Premiere: As a teenager, Nick begins having dreams about a tangential love interest that affect lifelong decisions.

'Scientist with syringe'

Regenerate Wisdom E1

Premiere: A clinical researcher develops an interest in memory preservation to enhance wisdom. This leads him on a scientific and spiritual journey.

Finale 'Italian swimming pool'

Serendipitous Deception E6

Guilty of misconduct, Austin must assess consequences of confession in order to achieve a desired outcome in this surprising miniseries finale.

Drama 'Female visible bosom'

Serendipitous Deception E5

Austin becomes embroiled in circumstances that have the potential to irrevocably alter his marriage and future plans.


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Drama 'Female bosom'

Serendipitous Deception E4

As the plan progresses, team members willingly put themselves in vulnerable positions to ensure the success of their elaborate scheme.

Drama 'Female gesturing'

Serendipitous Deception E3

A nascent scheme emerges into a complex conspiracy to engineer serendipity.

Drama 'Wedding couple closeup'

Serendipitous Deception E2

Engaged to the man of every woman’s dreams, Elenor heads to Paris for marriage after one-week of dating.

'Young boy puckering for kiss'

Serendipitous Deception E1

Premiere: Elenor is young, attractive, and has a knack for making a man desire any woman. With many happy clients, this matchmaker grows to use her prowess for personal advantage.

'Female singer with band'

Rhythmic Metaverse

Three women unite after experiencing unrelated health scares. The challenges they must overcome lead to the next global entertainment phenomenon.

Finale 'Tunneling bridge'

Mental Awakening E2

Carl must either find a path back home or out of what is becoming a waking nightmare in this surreal short story conclusion.

'Cobblestone street'

Mental Awakening E1

Premiere: A man who experiences recurring dreams and has a history of sleepwalking wakes up in unfamiliar surroundings that transport his mind on surreal journeys.


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