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'Cardboard box damage'

Don’t Ruin Posters

Tips to rein your excitement of receiving new posters and prevent damage.

Fulfillment '10 Reasons Why Customers Do Not Receive Native Art'

No Native Art Files For Customers

Artists may supply low-res PDFs or JPEG files during approval stage. The final PDF includes more resources appro­pri­ate for the designate printer.

Fulfillment 'Picture Perfect Posters'

Picture Perfect Posters

Without fingerprint or dent, human anatomy posters must print, ship to publishers, be warehoused, ship to retailers, be stored, and ship to customers.

Marketing 'What is Black Friday?'

What is Black Friday?

Black Friday is the day follow­ing Thanksgiving when retailers promote and sell enough product that account­ing records move from red to black ink.

Website 'A Star is Born'

A Star is Born

Stars and reviews are helpful in making purchasing decisions. Each product page now includes a tab for you to rate the products you receive.


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Fulfillment 'USPS Shipping Delays'

Postal Shipping Delays

Outdated: With exception of First Class Mail and Priority Express Overnight, the USPS website says expect addi­tional day delay. Circum­stances suggest otherwise.

Website 'How to Use Shop Pay on ClinicalPosters'

Enhanced Shop Pay

With security enhance­ments, you may now opt to encrypt credit card pay­ment infor­mation for future use.

Fulfillment 'Simplify Department Purchases'

Simplify Department Purchases Now

With pre-established purchase orders, distri­bute gift cards instead of credit cards to speed payments and track orders.

Fulfillment 'Carrier Rate Increases in 2020'

Carrier Rate Increases in 2020

The convenience of online shopping increases carrier invest­ment in trucks, planes, ware­houses, fuel, and personnel. Here is how it affects delivery.

Website 'Free Shipping Options'

Lower Your Shipping Fees

Outdated: Sales over $99 delivered within the contiguous United States may receive $19 shipping. Ground shipping throughout Canada is $29.

Fulfillment 'Pay Your Way'

Pay Your Way

You might have a corporate AMEX card and personal PayPal account. Choosing a preferred payment method allows you to easily manage funds within each account.

Website 'Become The Smartest Health Shopper'

Become The Smartest Health Shopper

Outdated: With FAQ and tabbed details on product pages, you have all the answers.


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