Picture Perfect Posters

Picture Perfect Posters

Quest For Perfect Posters

Perfection is an elusive standard for paper posters. Without a bump, fingerprint, or dent, human anatomy posters must be printed, shipped to publishers, warehoused, shipped to retailers, stored, and shipped to customers. Anywhere along the process, cumulative damage can result.

With a high standard for perfection, there is more waste. Some publishers must reship posters two or three times. The price of extra waste raises the value and price of perfect posters.

Even if it is possible to maintain perfect quality on the retail shelf, it must be packed in a manner that prevents damage on the last trip. Better shipping materials cost more money. A custom-cut flat box can cost $12 on top of the delivery fee. Crush-proof tubes can cost $4–5.

Large stacks of damaged posters ship back to the publisher. Smaller amounts with slight bends are sold for cost in the closeouts section of this site. There is considerable labor to maintain closeouts. They must be alphabetized and inventoried. They require product pages. Before shipping, they may require laminating and trimming.

All this effort results in full-price posters from ClinicalPosters being 98% damage-free. Such premium posters are worth their price. Posters from other sources do not have such high standards. So whether you want framed posters or other finishing options, ClinicalPosters is as perfect as you can get.

Main photo by ROMBO from Pexels.

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