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'Managing Shopify Customer Lists'

Managing Customer Lists

A Shopify customer can have eight or more account statuses. Which ones can you nurture and which ones should you delete?

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Twitter Summary Card With Large Image

You may have noticed tweets with full-width images above a text summary. Obviously, this attracts more attention. With a few tweaks, your tweets can do the same.

Website 'Custom Apple Touch Icon'

Custom Apple Touch Icon

Here is how to display custom art for your website when saving a web­ page book­mark on your mobile device or desktop computer.

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Improve Google Search Ranking

Get ready to lose your high-ranking musical chair within organic Google search results when the music stops in May 2021. Now is the time to optimize.

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Shopify NoFollow Pages

To exclude specific collec­tions, blogs, or pages, you can list conditions for them within a snippet. Then add the snippet to the theme.


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Programming 'Train track paths'

Optimize Shopify Collection Paths

This Liquid code includes a paginate option that allows visitors to Browse pages of a collection when they land on a product page.

Website 'Triple Your Visitor Page Views'

Triple Your Web Visitor Page Views

As visitors engage with your site by clicking links, the time they spend can increase by 300 percent or more. Here are 10 ways to multiply onsite clicks.

Programming 'Using CSS For Conditional Element Visibility'

CSS Visibility Based On Screen Size

What you display on a large computer screen must be simplified for a small device. Alternate formatting or hide elements to optimize responsiveness.

Programming 'One-Page Multiple Shopify Blogs Shopify Liquid'

List Multiple Blog Articles On A Page

Explore two ways to display multiple blog articles on a single page. One method uses Liquid program­ming. The other requires no coding at all.

Writing 'Control Your Own Content'

Control Your Own Content

To the extent possible, you want to own your own creative content. This includes photos, artwork, articles, domain names, and product descriptions.

Programming 'Liquid Code to Add New Label in Shopify'

Liquid Has Something New

Here is an easy way to auto­ma­tical­ly label a product created on a new product page within the current year as new.

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Estimate Article Read Time For Shopify

It is helpful to estimate how long it should take to read blog articles. The average adult silent reading speed is about 200 to 250 words per minute.


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