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'Female writing on paper and computer'

Will Generative Technology Replace You?

Discover the creative power of AI collaboration to infuse your human touch and succeed within an evolving job market.

Writing 'Writer preparing an article for her blog'

Should Writers Have a Blog?

If you’re starting to write, you might not know where to publish your work. Should writers have a blog, or should they publish their writing elsewhere?

Technology 'Asian woman immersed in digital network'

When You Became Data

Congratulations. You have graduated from an individual to data on cloud storage devices.

Technology 'Web camera'

Who’s Watching You?

How vigilant is your effort to maintain camera privacy on your digital devices whether you are at home or away?

Writing 'Postcast interview'

Interview ClinicalNovellas Author

Enjoy an interview with the brainchild of Novellas, the latest blog mystery mini­series on the ClinicalPosters website.


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Technology 'Internal iMac computer drive'

Fusion Drive Failure

Apple introduced the first Fusion Drive late in the year 2012. It gave computer users the illusion of speed that by now is failing.

Marketing 'Mentoring'

Learn To Learn

The purpose of this blog is to make gems of wisdom more acces­sible. During the leisure of a lunch break, you can explore my mind.

Writing 'Role of Emotions in Writing'

Role of Emotions in Writing

Humor and other emotions give dimension to dry writing. Elevate the quality of your stories with these tips.

Technology 'Working Remotely'

Maintain Security While Working Remotely

Don’t become a victim of cyber­crime when work­ing on the office net­work or remote­ly. Review pass­words, WiFi en­cryp­tion protocol, and other suggestions.

Technology 'Improve WiFi Router Reliability'

Improve WiFi Router Reliability

If you are tired of hit-and-miss approaches to WiFi network sluggish­ness, this article will save time and keep you from spending more money than necessary.

Marketing 'Buy or Sell Your Online Business'

Buy or Sell Your Shopify Business

Wholesalers are commodi­tiz­ing products by selling to both resellers and con­sum­ers. Only those with unique products or extremely loyal customers survive.

Website 'Get a Bazillion Customers'

Attract a Bazillion Customers

With less than deep pockets, what can you do? Identify anything you can offer for free. Perhaps it is an eBook. Can you offer free shipping?


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