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Science fiction is a popular category of entertainment in literature and cinema. Perhaps you tuned into weekly episodes of Twilight Zone or became a Trekkie as a result of the Star Trek franchise. But sci-fi is a genre that can appear as deep as the ocean or as vast as the universe.

Anything remotely scientific qualifies. And the fact that it’s paired with fiction means that it doesn’t have to be factual. Some fans of sci-fi enjoy monsters. Others gravitate to space travel or new worlds.

Civilizations collide. Space travel brings new hope. Technology solves health issues. These outlooks feed the genre of science fiction, available as short stories and miniseries within online ClinicalNovellas. Each episode averages less than 10 minutes to read or listen with enhanced audio.

Entertain New Ideas

Here are some recent stories available with free access three months from publication. Unlock prior episodes with a paid subscription.

Think Outside the Box—What if generative AI technology was one person’s endeavor to program their scientific accomplishments? In this single-episode short story, discover the chaos that can result when it goes beyond its creator.

Demodex Dermal Disaster—A common dermatological phenomenon becomes uncommon when parasites multiply in the 2-episode short story.

Barracuda Generation—In the future, when man is forced underwater for survival, those remaining above ground want what they don’t have in this single-episode short story.

Extrasensory Absorption—Artificial Intelligence proliferates with significant consequences in another single-episode short story.

Are you interested in more? Visit the ClinicalNovellas miniseries section and click the SciFi genre filter.

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