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Butter your popcorn and enjoy ClinicalNovellas short stories written as movies for your mind. Carefully crafted words unfold action, drama, and surrealism within your imagination. These are entertaining treated for anyone who enjoys reading. For the curious, vibrant images bring stories to life when logged in.

To enjoy the most immersive experience, each story includes premium audio and sometimes sound effects. The audio doubles as an English language learning aid.

We are taking this message to social media platforms by creating 30-second audiovisual clips of epic past and future episodes. They are also visible when non-subscribers visit a page with an expired episode. Enable sound to hear them. Support our YouTube Channel with a like and subscribe.

Access New Filters

The collection of ClinicalNovellas now includes two new tags for filtering. The “Access” tag displays expired episodes with temporary free access, when available. The “Flash” tag filters single-page short stories.

📗 Despite its brief fictional narrative, flash fiction offers character and plot development with the ability to imply a larger story. A hundred years ago, it was called the “short short story” by Cosmopolitan magazine. Our flash fiction is typically a single episode of less than 1500 words.

Tap into the intricate effects of various health conditions on the human experience with a unique blend of auditory and visual storytelling. Gain access to a growing library of thrilling tragedies and triumphs by subscribing to ClinicalNovellas for a nominal fee. This also grants access to other features on the website.

ClinicalNovellas Accessibility

FeatureMemberLoginNo Account
Weekly episodes
Temporary “access” episodes
Premium audio
Episode images
Age-appropriate episodes
Article commenting
Expired episodes
Site-wide videos

What is the rationale for requiring login for some features? AI-bots often populate article comments with SPAM. Logging in with newsletter subscription creates a barrier for information that may be inappropriate for minors. User login can also conceal miniseries conclusion to minimize spoiler alerts. Paid membership offsets the cost of article publication. Thanks for your support.

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