Are You Inaccessible?

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Who Are You?

Everyone deserves and enjoys their privacy. Respecting that, when ordering products online, there must be ways to contact you. So we endeavor to collect information during checkout. A name is helpful. With ever-changing global tax laws, an address is necessary.

For automatic order status updates, we collect an email address. (This also distinguishes customers who may have the same name.) Last but not least, we request a phone number. At any given time, a customer can log in to add more addresses or edit contact information.

  • Name (optional)
  • Shipping Address (required)
  • Email address (required)
  • Phone number (optional)

Can We Find You?

Sometimes key contact information needs to be present or corrected. If you choose to use a company name or department instead of a personal name, we cannot guarantee that orders will reach the desired recipient. In a large company, it may also become difficult to contact the person placing the order during a phone call.

There is a place to add different shipping and billing addresses if necessary. Use an email address that can receive messages from outside your organization. Invalid email addresses will cause status notifications to bounce.

The phone number is most often optional within the country. Yet, it is necessary for overnight or international shipping labels. Customs agents will phone recipients to collect necessary duties. An absent phone number will delay shipments, and result in parcel destruction or return for extra fees. A valid phone number also allows customer service to contact you when an email address is invalid.

Becoming a registered ClinicalPosters customer opens up many valuable features of the website. So don’t be shy. Allow us to deliver the best experience possible.

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