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15 articles tagged Privacy
'Excited man sitting at computer'

Exclude Page From Search

Here is a foolproof method to remove specific pages from your Shopify storefront search results.

Fulfillment 'Female using computer on sofa'

Does Copyright Still Matter?

Understanding copyright significance in the digital age ensures the continued production of high-quality creative works.

Technology 'Female wearing augmented reality glasses'

The Future of Data Consumption

Stay adaptable and responsive in the rapidly changing data-driven world. Embrace emerging technologies and create future-proof web experiences.

Technology 'Asian woman immersed in digital network'

When You Became Data

Congratulations. You have graduated from an individual to data on cloud storage devices.

Technology 'Web camera'

Who’s Watching You?

How vigilant is your effort to maintain camera privacy on your digital devices whether you are at home or away?


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Programming 'Network security'

Anti-Spam Blog Comments

If your blog articles include an option to leave a comment, you can block SPAM by requiring user login and stripping HTML from their remarks.

Technology 'Working Remotely'

Maintain Security While Working Remotely

Don’t become a victim of cyber­crime when work­ing on the office net­work or remote­ly. Review pass­words, WiFi en­cryp­tion protocol, and other suggestions.

Technology 'Eero WiFi Pro System'

Eero WiFi Pro vs WiFi 6 Pro Mesh System

Rather than replacing former routers, Amazon keeps a string of them around, both to provide different price points and to confuse the consumer.

Technology 'Improve WiFi Router Reliability'

Improve WiFi Router Reliability

If you are tired of hit-and-miss approaches to WiFi network sluggish­ness, this article will save time and keep you from spending more money than necessary.

Marketing 'How to Avoid Scams'

Don’t Get Scammed

A properly timed scam can derail a business heading for success. During an economic downturn, you may be even more vulnerable.

Marketing 'Cut-Throat Dropshipping'

Cut-Throat Dropshipping

Everything a customer receives should have your branding on it or you are increasing the cost of acquisition.

Fulfillment 'Dream of Launching a Business Website Crumbles'

Dreams of Launching Website Business

Using the analogy of a bakery, find out what it takes to launch an online business under current regulations. Measure the impact of GDPR and interstate sales taxation.


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