Vitamin Deficiencies Affect Mood

Don’t let a bad mood define you.

By Kevin RR Williams


NUTRITION Are you a fighter, shouter, crier or laugher? These are all moods that can define individuals. Friends generally establish relationships based upon consistently compatible moods. When someone exhibits uncharacteristic personality traits, friends notice. They may comment that you're quieter than normal, louder than usual, or more easily irritated.

Any of us can get in a bad mood for a short while. Something unfavorable can happen at work or home that ruins our disposition. Usually, these situations can be alleviated by a compassionate ear, an indulgent dessert or a good night's sleep. Of more concern are frequent mood swings or a change in personality that lasts several days, weeks or longer. It could be that we are unsuccessfully masking a personal tragedy. Perhaps we are anxious about something over which we have no control.

Bipolar disorder [1] or schizophrenia are somewhat extreme diagnoses that can be treated with medication. Sometimes chemical imbalances from a sustained stressful situation leads to a short temper, hyperemotional conclusions over minor infractions and depression. Frequently, a nutritional imbalance is the root cause.

There are some primary vitamins that can control moods that also offer many other benefits. They are vitamin D and the vitamin B group (B1 thiamine, B2 riboflavin, B3 niacin, B5 pantothenic acid, B6 pyridoxine, B12 cobalmin, Bc folic acid, biotin, choline, Inositol). [2] A multivitamin often includes balanced doses of everything required. In cases of extreme deficiencies, you may be better served by a B-Complex tablet. The B vitamins work together as a complex and are dependent upon each other to perform their individual tasks in the body. [3]

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Don't let a bad mood rob you of your joy. When someone notices that you're not your usual self, take a vitamin, get a good night's rest and then ask, "How ya' like me now?" Friends will find you much more pleasant to be around when you're A Bit More Healthy.

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