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'Cartoon cholecystectomy'

Don’t Be a Cartoon Medical Doctor

Doctors who are qualified medical illustrators are appreciated. For others, there are professional tools to aide patient communication.

Products 'Metabolic Syndrome Poster Comparison'

Metabolic Syndrome Anatomy Poster Comparison

Compare three popular multidisciplinary Metabolic Syndrome anatomy posters. Then make your purchase today.

Products 'Diseases of the Digestive System Posters'

Compare Diseases of the Digestive System Posters

In a head-to-head compari­son, each human anatomy poster depicts diseases differently. Choose the best anatom­ical posters for your medical office or classroom.

Website 'Controversy Rises as High Blood Pressure Guidelines Lowers'

Controversy Rises as High Blood Pressure Guideline Lowers

POLL RESULTS — Previously, 120/80–139/89 mm Hg was treated as pre-hypertension. Under new guidance, 130/80 is now stage-1 hypertension. At what stage of compliance are you?


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Products 'Why You Need Laminated Posters'

Why You Need Laminated Posters

Contamination is gross to consider Two-stage defense provides hygienic UV protection and a surface that can be disinfected by wiping away germs.

Products 'ADA Compliant Examination Rooms'

ADA Compliant Examination Rooms

Medical offices are for sick and disabled people. It is unethical and illegal to cater solely to the healthy and able-bodied.


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