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You are one of thousands who visit this site every week to stay A Bit More Healthy. Store.ClinicalPosters.com (Amy) is the online store for ClinicalPosters.com. Access the home page by clicking the logo in the upper left corner. Personnel have a long history with poster fulfillment. For over 15 years, the owner has worked with scientists to prepare clinical posters for presentations to doctors at conferences. This background governs the tone of extensively researched health articles in the blog and the selection of products sold on this site since 2009.

Most of anatomy posters sold here are industry standard for medical offices and classrooms. Content is verified by healthcare professionals. A limited quantity of each anatomy poster is in stock for fast turnaround. New shipments arrive about every 10 days. The shopping cart is linked to inventory so customers are alerted of possible shipping delays (subject to updates for pending orders).

ClinicalPosters.com products offers a variety of quality finishing options that are selectable on each poster product page.

Premium Lamination

Our poster lamination is twice as thick as competing products. It preserves colors longer than unfinished paper posters. Laminated posters can be disinfected and support dry erase marker notation and are essential for high-humidity environments.

Brass Grommets


Grommets are the circular metal rings that reinforce stress points. They prevent posters from tearing when hung on a wall. We offer laminated posters with 2 or 4 grommets to prevent posters from curling off the wall.

DeuPairâ„¢ Pocket Frame


Anodized Aluminum Frame: Our fully assembled anodized, extruded, corrosion-resistant aluminum frames eliminate hassles associated with framing. They may be hung on two hooks. But when screwed directly to the wall, DeuPair Frames won't wobble every time the earth moves or a patient brushes against them. See easy installation instructions.


Two For One: DeuPair Frames have a concealed slot that allows posters to be alternated without removing the frame from the wall. During special health awareness months, the appropriate poster can be featured while the prior one is slid behind it. You can literally hang two or more posters for the price one frame. Visit Store.ClinicalPosters.com monthly to view recommended awareness month posters that may be appropriate for your office.

Shatterproof Film: To prevent breakage during transit, a clear film overlay is included instead of glass. For protection against scratches, it arrives with disposable thin sheeting on both sides that should be removed before hanging. If the film overlay gets damaged, you may order a replacement from Store.ClinicalPosters.com.


Security Slot: Standard-size slide-in frames can have a security screw added. This prevents a dishonest person from removing posters when left alone. In a medical office, there is little occasion for a patient to do so. However, in isolated areas like hallways, restrooms or school campuses, the security slot is recommended. We center a hex-head security screw on the open end to prevent removal without the provided key.

Bookmark BitMoreHealthy.com in your browser for quick access to a variety of well researched health related articles. Many relate to human anatomy posters available in our online store or updates and discounts that improve your shopping experience. Hundreds of searchable articles discuss methods of coping with chronic illness, nutrition and new technologies to benefit patients. Occasionally there are posts regarding social media tools or restaurant reviews. It's quite varied so there is something for everyone. Authors include physicians, dietitians, clinicians and artists, all committed to helping you stay A Bit More Healthy.