Laminated Versus Laminated With Grommets


What’s the difference between laminated posters with and without grommets? First let’s define grommets. They are round, usually metal, eyelets punched through the corners to keep posters from tearing. They are beneficial when a poster is pinned to walls multiple times. Each time a pushpin presses through the paper, the corners weaken.

Now let’s describe differences in lamination. There is a wide variety of thicknesses, adhesives, gloss levels and other features. There are different glossies but in general, satin is more expensive and matte is most expensive. The majority of manufacturers keep cost down by using the least expensive glossy laminating film with eyelets. ClinicalPosters features premium hygienic lamination that is twice as thick, has a satin finish and includes UV filters to preserve colors.

Laminated posters without grommets or eyelets have a distinct advantage. They are well suited for DeuPair Frames. These frames can store multiple posters. Interchange titles without removing DeuPair Frames from walls. Posters slide through a concealed spot on the top of DeuPair Pocket Frames. Grommets interfere with this and are visible the front. Customers who purchase laminated posters without grommets and with DeuPair Frames have highest satisfaction.

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