Take a Peek

Take a Peek

Get over your fears. Don’t be a no-account customer. A login page is not a paywall.

Website visitors like you are exceptional content consumers. You can purge emails with a sub-second glance. Searching for optimum site content, you navigate the clutter of sponsored websites and are oblivious to pop-up ads. What stops you in your tracks is a paywall.

The hugely popular ClinicalPosters blog entitled A Bit More Healthy experimented with a paywall. Now there’s an easy-to-scale free wall. Still, clicking the sign-in button might baffle the appre­hen­­sive.

Health articles contain a wealth of valuable information. About a third display the body of the text. Others are truncated. Gain access to all articles and support­ing references—which opens up whole new worlds for research—by being a logged in subscriber. Perhaps you are confused about what it means to be a subscriber or customer or curious about what lurks on the other side of the login button. Be bold. Take a peek.

  • Customer – Adult with an account, whether or not purchases have been made.
  • Account – Secure record that stores an email address, name, and password.
  • Sign up – Quickly create and account.
  • Login – Type your email and password (or select if your browser saves it).
  • Subscribe – Receive email notification of new blog articles and special offers.
  • Interest – Generally a medical topic (includes individual, education, photography, or attorney) selected with which to match website content.
  • Forgot Your Password – Notifies original subscriber of request to reset password.

It is expensive to maintain a website. If you see something you like, show your support for the topic. To find out what you have been missing, sign up. If it does not live up to every wonderful thing you imagine, unsubscribe.

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