Still Eating Potato Skins


Potato Appetizer Craze

The love affair with potato skins is over. What was once the darling of salad bar buffets is not quite as desirable among some health-conscious patrons. Any time a restaurant can repurpose food destine for the garbage bin, profits soar.

Digging out the middle of a potato to use in other recipes and then stuffing the baked skin with cheese, bacon bits, sour cream, and scallions has been solid-gold gastronomy. Potato skins became so popular that many restaurants began leaving them on french fries and mashed potatoes. This eliminates the task of peeling.

Potato Nutritional Benefits

The trend grew from more than a desire for profits. Spud skins are loaded with disease-fighting nutrients and weight-friendly fiber. Half of a tuber’s fiber is within the skin. Potatoes are a good source of potassium and provide resistant starch. Not digested in the small intestine, they may improve blood sugar control and digestive health.

Potatoes contain two kinds of glycoalkaloids, both natural toxins, called solanine and chaconine. Exposure to light greatly increases the formation of chlorophyll and glycoalkaloids.

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Kevin Williams is a health advocate, artist, pro­gram­mer, and writer of hundreds of articles for multiple web­sites. He has 17 years experi­ence as a Neutrogena Research and Scientific Affairs graphics con­sul­tant.

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