Grocery Enemies

Watch What You Eat

If you are not the one who does the shopping, there is a danger. Follow these tips to keep from panicking.

Watch What You Eat

Do you shop for household groceries? If so, you know which aisles to steer away from in order to keep your weight under control. But if you are not the one who does the shopping, there is a danger. Out of love for you, a family member might load the cart with your guilty pleasures.

Putting away groceries for someone else who did the shopping is a kindness to them, while allowing you to see what foodstuffs are available for later dining. From the moment you grab the bags to put away groceries, you can tell something is wrong from the light weight. This is not a bag of celery, cabbage, root vegetables and fruit. Visualize a thought bubble of you calling emergency services. 💬

911: What is the nature of your emergency?

You: Someone is trying to hurt me!

911: Are you saying you are in danger now?

You: Yes!

911: Can you leave the home?

You: No.

911: Please explain what is happening.

You: The grocery bag is full of chips!

911: … 😐

Perhaps, it is not that serious, but serious nonetheless. You cannot, nor should you, eliminate all carbohydrates from your diet. Whole fruits and vegetables are necessary carbs. Brown rice and lentils are carbs.

The danger comes from simple, usually tasty, simple carbohydrates. With insufficient fiber, they immediately convert to glucose. In the absence of an immediate energy need, the excess is stored as fat. Do not be misled by the sales featuring five bags for a discount. One bag is always cheaper.

After learning to shop wisely for yourself, share your goals with other household shoppers. If you are like me, you must put some distance between yourself and certain snacks to keep from binging. Keep your food enemies out of your house to stay A Bit More Healthy.

UPDATED: MAR 22, 2022

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