Some Doctors Stop Urging Monthly Breast Self‑Exams


Prudish older women might avoid self-exam because it requires touching one’s own body in what might be considered a sinful manner.

Why Some Women Might Not Do It


Not just prudishness is fueling aversion. Monthly breast self-examinations (BSE) are on the decline. Some ladies leave it to their gynecologists. Others may poke around a bit during October in response to all the pink ribbons. Many are just interested in the annual feminine fashions. It has been said among the medical community that women who are taught to examine their breasts tend to do it badly or not at all.

A woman has daily contact with with her breasts while showering and getting dressed. But pressing deeper into the tissue requires traversing a psychological taboo. F.D. Moore alludes to fear, dislike or dread of breast self-examination that arouses apprehension of cancer, pain, and death.

Theoretically, people do not like considering the possibility of serious disease so they focus attention elsewhere. A clinical study even questions BSE efficacy. There is no single reason for non-compliance. What are your feelings toward it?

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