Anatomical Models of the Human Body

Anatomical Models

The best human anatomy models for medical offices and classrooms.


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Tongue 4-Part 2x Size Modelmeta-4 Tongue 4-Part 2x Size Models
Tongue 4-Part 2x Size Model Sale price$359.00
Deluxe Human Knee Joint ModelDeluxe Human Knee Joint Model Knee Detail
Breast Self-Examination ModelBreast Self-Examination Model Detail
Human Eye 7-Part ModelHuman Eye 7-Part Model
Human Eye 7-Part Model Sale price$402.00
Segmented Lungs ModelSegmented Lungs Model Posterior
Lungs Segmented Anatomy Model Sale price$1,449.00
Classic Heart With Thymus ModelClassic Heart With Thymus Chambers
Acupuncture Female Figure ModelAcupuncture Female Figure Model Detail
Acupuncture Male Figure ModelAcupuncture Male Figure Model Detail
Stan Human Skeleton Anatomical ModelStan Human Skeleton Model Torso
Stan Human Skeleton Model Sale price$599.00
Heavy-Duty Black Dust CoverHeavy-Duty Black Dust Cover Open
Skull with brain modelBrain model within skull
3-Part Human Skull Model Lateral3-Part Human Skull Model Anterior
Female Pelvic Skeleton With Femur Heads AnteriorFemale Pelvic Skeleton With Femur Heads Posterior
Male Pelvis Skeleton Anterior ModelMale Pelvis Skeleton Posterior Model
Male Pelvis Skeleton Model Sale price$119.99
Male 2-Part Pelvis with Ligaments Model4 Male 2-Part Pelvis with Ligaments Models
Female Pelvic Model AnteriorFemale Pelvic Model Posterior
Female Pelvis 3-Part ModelFemale Pelvis 3-Part Models
Female Pelvis 3-Part Model Sale price$359.00
Baby Doll White FemaleBaby Doll Hispanic
Baby-Care Infant Model Sale price$125.00