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'Sanitize Polycarbonate Sheets Without Scratching'

Clean Polycarbonate Without Scratches

Shatterproof sheets are easier to ship than glass. With the need for frequent sanita­tion, how do you clean poly­carbo­nate overlays?


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Products 'Lack of Grommets is Not a Mistake — It’s a Feature'

Lack of Grommets is No Mistake

ClinicalPosters high-quality lam­inate is double-thick, has luxurious satin finish, and includes UV light filters to preserve colors longer. This adds up to optimum poster for framing without gromm...

Products 'Why You Need Laminated Posters'

Why You Need Laminated Posters

Contamination is gross to consider Two-stage defense provides hygienic UV protection and a surface that can be disinfected by wiping away germs.


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