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5 articles tagged Cardiology
'One-Click Exam Room Poster Bundles'

Get One-Click Exam Room Décor

Order posters and frames for entire exam rooms on your smart­phone during a 15-minute break and still have time to enjoy a few sips of your favorite beverage.

Cardiology 'Man having blood pressure checked'

Cardiology Teaching Products Budget

Equip each medical exam room with seven framed human anatomy posters for under $400. Optionally share $900 of anatomical models between multiple offices.

Products 'Metabolic Syndrome Poster Comparison'

Metabolic Syndrome Anatomy Poster Comparison

Compare three popular multidisciplinary Metabolic Syndrome anatomy posters. Then make your purchase today.

Cardiology 'Large Posters for Small Prices'

Large Posters for Small Prices

Perhaps you noticed a growing number of oversize 22x28 inch (56x71 cm) anatomy posters among standard 20x26 inch (51x66 cm) charts. Why do these beautiful oversize charts cost less than standard on...

Cardiology 'Controversy Rises as High Blood Pressure Guidelines Lowers'

Controversy Rises as High Blood Pressure Guideline Lowers

POLL RESULTS — Previously, 120/80–139/89 mm Hg was treated as pre-hypertension. Under new guidance, 130/80 is now stage-1 hypertension. At what stage of compliance are you?


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