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Enjoy weekly article themes like a magazine for 2021.

Let’s Talk About Blogs

While implementing many exciting innovations during the tumultuous prior year, earnest work began for 2021. During this year, expect at least two articles in the health blog and one within another blog each week.

The articles already scheduled for publication in 2021 range between very informative and mind blowing. Among other weekly topics, enjoy poignant health articles about parenting, pregnancy, cardiology, mental health, dermatology, cosmetology, love, and nutrition.

Doctors, nurses, and authors from around the world are contributing their expertise. The blogs delve into topics unavailable on the posters in the shop.

Up until the moment of publication, reviewers are fact checking and determining whether each article includes the best possible information. The majority of articles do not require login. However, logging in provides access to external health references and special content.

Three Blog Migration Goals

ClinicalPosters migrated to the Shopify platform in 2018 with these goals:

  1. Update and reformat the best of nearly 500 prior articles for the new platform. (About 107 made the cut.)
  2. Develop fresh content for a growing audience.
  3. Split topics into several blogs.

Initial articles were published randomly to reach the diverse medical interests of visitors. Among over 170 articles during 2020, the pandemic topic dominated in excess of 30.

Implementing new technologies brought about many tips for visitors managing their own websites. So a separate blog called ClinicalInsights features articles about Shopify programming, writing, and marketing.

For a short time, Disqus replaced the default blog commenting platform. Due to visitor login issues, it switched back to the default Shopify technology. ClinicalPosters is more than a source of durable DeuPair Frames and human anatomy posters. We value your input. Enjoy the weekly themes during 2021.

Let’s Talk About The Store

Sales of posters, frames, and other items make all the advancements possible. During 2020, the website had two major overhauls to improve the shopping experience. Enjoy larger product images and more finishing options.

ClinicalPosters is well known for anatomy posters. However, DeuPair Frames bring in an equal amount of revenue. The new year kicks off with three different sales on these frames during the first 10 days of each month.

Visit ClinicalPosters to purchase new posters, to buy DeuPair Frames for existing posters, to get ClinicalPins as gifts for unsung medical heroes or to dress up video conferencing. Visit and learn how to maintain a comfortable weight, take care of yourself, and to stay A Bit More Healthy.

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