Scientifically Reviewed Articles

Scientifically Reviewed Articles

Higher Quality Content

Our health articles are no substitute for in-person or telemedicine visits with your physician. If you want to find out more about health issues to discuss with a personal physician, ClinicalReads Health articles are a good starting point.

The writers have decades of experience working with scientists, researching medical conditions, and writing useful content. Complex information is under­stand­able to the masses.

This free resource complements the posters we sell to hospitals, clinics, medical offices, and universities. Adding articles that are relevant to dozens of medical specialties is possible due to generous sponsors and donors like you. We also accept article submissions from guest authors.

To further elevate the quality of blog content, many health articles are now going through medical and scientific reviews. On such articles, you may notice the reviewer’s name just below the title. You can click their name to bring up a list of all articles reviewed by that professional.

Some articles may display a read time. Additional scientific reviewers contribute to more accuracy. Hundreds of thousands of readers like you can remain A Bit More Healthy and happy.

Article Reference Sections

Most health articles include supporting references. Some people cherish them while others feel they are super­fluous. The references can extend your research into a topic. If there are just a few citations, the references may be visible to all. Most often, login is necessary to access them.

Now it’s time for your review. Read our blogs for the valuable information. Read for enjoyment. Read to feel A Bit More Healthy.

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