Caring for DeuPair Frames

Caring for DeuPair Frames


Other manufacturers won’t compete. Durable DeuPair Frames are commercial quality, meaning there is no built-in obsolesce. They are cut to dimensions that provide maximum viewing for posters with narrow margins. DeuPair Frames are built to last, while other companies use inferior materials for lower prices.

Congratulations on choosing quality. There are two parts to your DeuPair Frame.

  1. The anodized aluminum frame itself.
  2. The clear overlay that keeps posters in place.

The aluminum frame is manufactured with an extrusion process. This means it is much stronger than rolled sheet metal. It comes with a 10-year guarantee against defects. Truthfully, it should last indefinitely hanging on a wall without disturbance. Oils in your fingers can leave smudges. Wipe them away with a clean, dry microfiber cloth.

Two styles of DeuPair Frames: The beveled standard Pocket Frame is most popular. Contents slide through the top edge after screwing the frame to the wall. The deluxe Flip Frame is smoother. Insert contents through the front and fold edges down after screwing the frame to the wall.

DeuPair Flip Frame Installation: Preferably wearing gloves to prevent smudges, and pull frame edges open. (Be careful of sharp corners.) Peel the film from the overlay. Drill pilot holes. Insert plastic anchors for drywall. Screw frame to wall. Center poster and overlay within the frame. Close edges to secure. Wipe any smudges with soft cotton or microfiber cloth to reveal the luxurious satin finish.

Shatterproof clear overlays come in various materials and thicknesses. Polycarbonate is the strongest. PETG is thinner. Either is prone to scratches. You may purchase replacement replacement overlays from ClinicalPosters. To prevent scratches, always use a clean damp cloth and Novus Polish Kit.

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