For the Love of Words

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Character Injury

What is your relationship with words? We use them every day in speech. Many are vile. Some are prosaic. Others are authoritative. Words help us communicate direction, fantasy, hope, and an entire range of human emotions. Sadly, a fratricide of language is overshadowing affection.

Epidemic word degradation infects entertainment, which claims household dialog as a casualty. Parents and children hurl profanity at each other like knife throwers.

Assassins shoot mnemonics and acronyms like automatic weapons within text messages and social media. The victims of nimble thumbs include not only the characters of fictional stories. The alphabetic characters within beautiful words are hemorrhaging.

Word Oasis

Love Reading Words

Where can we receive treatment for vocabularic lacerations? You may discover a triage within books. Long before they became the pillar of online Amazon shopping, men died to disseminate papyrus scrolls, codexes, and books. The most valuable of these are holy writings, with the distribution of the Bible exceeding all others by orders of magnitude.

Within this book, we learn that the history of different languages dates back to the Tower of Babel. The printing press was born to reproduce the Bible, with its treasure trove of history, geography, instruction, prophecy, and poetry.

Amazon catapulted digital books into the temporal lobes of the population with Kindle readers. Other companies, embracing the digital ePub format, proliferate books and other documents. This makes it possible to carry an entire library in your hand and adjust the font size.

The vast worldwide web then experienced exponential growth with blogs by nascent authors. In the words of wise King Solomon, “To the making of many books, there is no end.” —Ecclesiastes 12:12.

Cognitively Ill-Equipped

Would you intentionally board a ship that’s unable to float? Would you traverse a desert without water? Mankind is both drowning in, while dying of thirst for, words. More than half of Americans between the ages of 16 and 74 read below the equivalent of a sixth-grade level.

To more than 50 percent of the population, a beautiful story, painstakingly composed by a talented author, resembles legal contractural jargon. With illiteracy impeding the ability to comprehend enchanting words, readers skim details, retreat to social media, or wait for the movie.

Character Recovery

Reading has many benefits.

  1. It improves cognition for more engaging conversations.
  2. It nurtures empathy when learning about the experiences of others.
  3. It elevates goals in life to overcome social issues.

To reprise the role of reading, some middle school educators recommend books devoid of educational value to attract children. Nights of farts replace reading about knights who build forts.

This website employs AI audio, far exceeding voice quality that may be available on your computer.

ClinicalNovellas elevate vocabulary with fictional stories traversing history, geography, science fiction, mystery, and romance. Published online in short episodes, the topic of health reoccurs in each reading. This creative writing helps heal literacy and suppresses the notion that entertainment must involve video games.

Read online

One advantage to digital reading is the ability to click on unfamiliar words and discover the meaning. To simplify the quest for vocabulary, this website employs AI audio, far exceeding voice quality that may be available on your computer. This allows visitors to activate the senses of sight and sound while engaging in reading. It also encourages those with dyslexia to focus on the message.

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