Reasons Why Men Miss the Toilet


Most of the time, men hit the target when visiting the toilet.

It Is Not As Simple Aiming

There is no single reason for poor toilet bowl aim. Nine times at of 10, most men have good aim when urinating. Even with perfect aim, splash and residual dribble can have a similar effect. Splash increases among taller men since there is a greater distance from the toilet bowl.

A combination of factors within and beyond male’s control can affect ability to hit the target all the time. As you might expect, women suffer most from the mishaps. Variable flaccidity, due to temperature and other issues, can alter angle of the urinal stream.

1. Misdirection. The inner area of a typical toilet bowl is 10 inches wide. Sometimes a man, in an attempt to silence splashing of urinal stream, aims for the 2.5-inch area between the water line and the edge of bowl. Instead of narrowing the target, a better method is to drop a folded piece of toilet paper over the water before tinkling in the center.

2. Imbalance. Dizziness, otolaryngological or neurological conditions affecting balance can interfere with steadiness or aim during urination.

3. Illuminating late-night unlit toilet visits. Installing a nightlight may be helpful unless it casts a shadow on the target. Consider investing in a motion-activated toilet bowl light. Otherwise, sit down and tinkle like a, ur, “_man.”

4. In flaccid (hypotonic) neurogenic bladder, urine volume is large, pressure is low, and contractions are absent. This may result from peripheral nerve damage or spinal cord damage at the S2 to S4 level. After acute cord damage, initial flaccidity may be followed by long-term flaccidity or spasticity, or bladder function may improve after days, weeks, or months.

5. Hypo-extended bladder or enlarged prostate can cause urine hesitation and dribbling. A common source of urethral stricture is hyperextended bladder. An overabundance of urine can begin flowing before a male properly takes aim.

6. There are acute and chronic reasons for penile stenosis. Meatal stenosis is a narrowing of the tip of the penis caused by scar tissue or birth defect. Congenital conditions are corrected by means of a meatotomy. Urethral prolapse and less common, urethral duplication are other rare conditions.

7. Another cause of constriction is dried semen. Shortly following ejaculation, men should rinse and express all semen. Then, if possible, urinate to clear the navicular fossa and urethra of any seminal residue. Failure to do so can later cause urine to spray while attempting to pass through a partially blocked urethra. Complete or near complete constriction can be painful during urination as the urethral epidermis tears apart to release urine. Bleeding that leads to possible urinary infection can result. 

8. Urethral flesh sticks together at the tip sometimes even in the absence of seminal blockage. Stretching the penile navicular fossa and the tip just prior to urination sometimes orientates the stream and loosens the opening.

So what is the point? The urine stream is not always straight ahead. It can unexpectedly shoot to the left, right, or bottom of where a male is aiming. Sometimes, it can even disperse in V-shape stream or spay in multiple directions. Urine also splashes.

Professional Toilet Cleaning

Regardless of the cause, aim may be unexpectedly compromised whether seated or standing. Thorough toilet bowl cleaning is necessary.

Urinal To The Rescue

Overspray can cause bathroom odors that baffle people on latrine duty. In the absence of good hygiene and prompt cleanup, the best solution was first patented in the United States by Andrew Rankin immediately following the Civil War. It is called the urinal, usually reserved for public restrooms. This can be something on men’s wishlist for bathroom remodels that is quickly shot down by females in the household.

Truth be told, toilet bowls are not an efficient design for male urination. Men have better success urinating against a tree. Urinals are superior to toilets in men’s restrooms. At close proximities, the flared sides and smooth porcelain funnel urinal streams angled 45 degrees in any direction.

The pace of change in urinal function and design has increased in the last thirty years. No-touch urinals utilize infrared motion proximity sensors to activate the flushing mechanism. During the past decade, water-free urinals have been introduced widely across the United States.

In the absence of a urinal, raising the seat is a hygienic kindness to everyone in the household. It minimizes overspray on the part that has contact when seated. Bathroom cleanup must sanitize the entire toilet area—inside and out to remove odors.

When women criticize a man for his inability to aim, knowledge of reasons behind urethral variance may cause him to think to himself, ‘You have no idea.’ Now that everyone knows, you may vote for a urinal during the next bathroom remodel, or at least thank men for lifting the toilet seat.

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Updated: Jan 12, 2023

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